Our History

Beginning in 1955, Herbert Heilpern and his father Martin Heilpern started a small family freight forwarding agency called H & H Shipping Co. Inc.  After nearly 60 years, H & H remains a successful family-run and operated company with an ongoing history of success.  




Charles Heilpern, Owner

Joining H & H Shipping in 1981, Charles has 30+ years of experience in the transportation industry. Charles holds a Customs Broker's license and is owner of H & H Shipping Co. Inc. and H & H Customs Clearance Co.


Geoffrey Heilpern,

Executive Vice President

The latest generation to join H & H Shipping,  Geoffrey came to H & H in 2010 via Silicon Valley. His previous experience includes textbook publishing, sales and marketing. 



H & H Shipping Co. Inc.

Previous Generations


Gerhart Heilpern 

Gerhart (Gary) was widely known as the perfect family man. Working in the family business Gary enjoyed the simple things in life; good food, watching a Rangers game and playing with his children were his favorite pastimes.  Gary's son Charles is the current owner of H & H.


Herbert Heilpern 

Original founder and brain child of H & H Shipping. Herbert participated as a sprinter in the 1936 Munich Olympics for Austria before emigrating to the U.S. He is also a member of the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame.


Martin Heilpern

As a Doctor of Law in Austria Martin held many prominent positions prior to emigrating to the US. Martin Co-Founded   H & H Shipping with his son Herbert.







The Very Best in Logistics

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